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Several disputes have been successfully completed by The MICE Academy on behalf of both end-users as well as a variety of services & suppliers. All have been concluded to the satisfaction of all parties. This service is available in 2020.

MICE end-users primarily in the corporate & associations sectors have called upon The MICE Academy to facilitate the drafting of RFPs, selection  & shortlisting of PCOs, formulating presentation questions and putting forward the most suitable candidates for the particular project under review.

The MICE Academy are regarded as experts in the formulation of questions and selection from multiple-choice answers on all subjects within the MICE industry.  Undertaken over the past 10 years for several CPD programmes.  This service continues for the private & public sectors in 2020.

The question and answers undertaken by The MICE Academy are based on international standards and requirements in order to ensure the knowledge obtained is thoroughly understood.

Designed specifically for the salaried event planner primarily within the corporate & association markets – the main purpose is to account for the event’s expenditure in relation to meeting the event’s objectives. This is a relatively new programme which is proving of interest primarily to HR & Procurement management