Professional Planner Standards (PPS)

Professional Planner Standards

PPS is a simple method to ensure that the individual undertaking the planning of an event irrespective of capacity, type, virtual or FtoF understands the methods to justify the meaning of success with each event planned.

The planner receives guidelines in order to pinpoint the event’s objectives together with the outcomes.

The guidelines are detailed in simple info-graphics, videos and the like so that the planner understands not only the basic philosophy of setting goals but also the importance of attainable and realistic outcomes.

Part of the guidelines is the pre-determined interwoven budget to meet the outcomes.

Once the various guidelines provided to the planner are grasped – the planner undertakes a simple test with 10 questions and a choice of several answers – to which only one is correct according to the provided guidelines.

An 80% pass signifies that the planner understands the setting of objectives and the required outcomes.

On completing the tests successfully – the planner receives a score-card of test outcomes.  With an above average total score-card the planner is rewarded with the PPS status which can be used as recognition for undertaking successful events.

On permission from ether the planner’s employer or if an independent, professional planner – The MICE Academy will advise the industry of the planner’s proven abilities for undertaking successful events.

  • Subscribe to PPS by completing the application form. Complete form on-line at this link.   
  • Once The MICE Academy has established your level of planning knowledge – the PPS Guidelines will be forwarded in order to commence the easy PPS journey.