MICE Measured

The MICE Measured programme is primarily designed for salaried, seasoned event planners within corporate, association & public sectors.

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MICE Measured is an up-skilling programme designed primarily for seasoned event planners including various designated management who are responsible for each event’s sustainability.

The programme has a number of distinct advantages:

  • pinpoints each event’s purpose
  • ensures measurable outcomes
  • adjusts event’s purpose as determined
  • provides inputs on supplier / services RFPs
  • assists in effective RFPs
  • ensures the outcomes justify the means
  • reports on event completion measurements

The programme is underpinned with The MICE Academy’s ‘hand-holding’ which ensures authentic event justification in relation to the financial outlay.

Determining the purpose of an event and creating clear goals and measurable objectives is the most important step in planning a compelling and ultimately justified event.

Determination of purpose will guide strategic planning and provide a basis for the decisions taken about every aspect of the event.

The key is to research and analyze the needs and interest of all the event stakeholders and in particular the potential participants.

The MICE Academy takes the total planning process to a new level of extreme importance and indeed satisfaction for all parties concerned.

The MICE Measured programme is based on the event planner/s  being upskilled on the essence of event purpose. Invariably the seasoned planner has a good understanding of the objectives however the MICE Measured programme provides criteria and most importantly perspective.

Hence planners are guided with simple tutorials and infographics leading on to a 10 question & answer test.

Thereafter the planner/s will determine the event purpose and importantly link with the required outcomes.

The planner/s are then ready to undertake – together with several individuals  if necessary – the total strategic planning. 

The ultimate outcomes and value are extensive for management sectors such as: Human Resources, Financial, Marketing & PR

For more information make contact with The MICE Academy on +27 (0)82 820 5382 or email info@miceacademy.co.za for a personal presentation.

By having a presentation – your organization will be able to take events irrespective of type & capacity to a new level for both the:

  • upskilling of key planning personnel &
  • financial justification for all the organisation’s events