✔MICE Clients Slow to Return? There May be an Answer

Liaising with organisations on a regular basis especially before and following COVID-19 provides The MICE Academy an insight into the various events undertaken on a regular basis to the tune of around R45m per organisation annually.

2020 for the majority of organisations has been a watershed year of coming to grips with many differing personnel & client scenarios – at various levels – not experienced prior to 2020.

A new chapter has been written which most sectors within organisations were not geared for.   It has been a question of time in learning new ways with no benchmarks.


‘….Start with the customer / clients changing behaviour….’ Sisa Ntshona – CEO – SA Tourism

Putting aside virus apprehension factors on a number of levels – suppliers of venues in particular should look to their potential clients needs and sell-on accordingly.

Below in bullet-points is a day in the life of the average corporate management in 2020

1.         With lockdown came the need for the vast majority of personnel undertaking their          tasks from a home base.  This resulted in discovering that a high percentage could      operate from a home base with variations of interruptions.

            For the minority that could not operate from a home base – alternate arrangements       had to be considered and applied.

2.         Checklists needed to be drafted for all personnel to understand the requirements in        operating from a home base. This includes the connectivity factors which vary          between geographical areas as well as the manner in which each employee is to be

            re-imbursed for data usage.  Certain equipment had to be purchased and legal    agreements drawn-up in relation to usage by each member of home-based   personnel.

3.         Interestingly it was discovered that the productivity levels increased from a          home base although it is necessary to have a physical, collective meeting once every           10 days to 2 weeks.

‘….Concentrate on capacities of 50 and less….’ Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa CEO  TBCSA


Suppliers & services should consider how to lure the potential client to the convening of home-based personnel to the required physical meeting via a set package deal offer with a special discounted rate for multiple standard bookings over (say) a 3 to 6 month period.  

Effectively brand the package and market accordingly.

Covid-19 protocol compliance are non-negotiable yet simple, unobtrusive with exact step-by-step procedures. Compliance requirements should not over-shadow the purpose of the group’s gathering.

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