✔Up-skilling is More Than a Ten-letter Word

Improving an employee’s ability is admirable and generally part and parcel of their internal career path. 

In a survey undertaken in 2019 & 2020 – it was shown that more than 50% of up-skill programmes which employees undertook were not effectively implemented within the work-place. In fact limited monitoring of job performance improvement was in place.

We live in disruptive and uncertain times so it is necessary to ensure that the time and finance spent on developing personnel to a higher level is undertaken.

There is limited argument that personnel need to be up-skilled yet unless there is positive transfer of skills with effective testing, reward and recognition – the up-skilling advantages will be stunted.

Within all organisations the communications requirements –  whether virtual or physical gatherings – are essential for a cross-pollination of ideas and high message retention. This remains the real importance of having well-planned meetings which ensures the objectives are met and confirms the amount spent on the meeting is justified.

The MICE Academy has just such a programme for your organisation.