✔MICE Safety Protocols in Practice

– An Event Case-Study with Applied Covid-19 Requirements –

A MICE Academy Subscriber has provided extensive feed-back on a recent event which included the required safety protocols.   Details are:

Number of Participants 43
Age Group 18 / 24
Duration of Event 3 days
Month of Event Early Sept 20
Location of Event 45 mins fm Sandton
Type of Event Venue 3 star Hotel

The following protocols were implemented:

1.        Listing of Delegates/Attendees

            1.1.     Delegate First & Surname

            1.2.     ID Number

            1.3.     Contact Details

            1.4.     Temperature Readings each event day with temp. variations

            Note: An individual’s temp. reading if higher on day 2 or a further reading is                 required within a certain amount of time.

            Academy comment:

            *No provision indicated for confidentiality or supplied privileged  data                          information;

            *With the amount of additional time – further staffers are likely;

            * It would be interesting to discover what is the outcome if an                                        individual’s temperature is above the required number – as no                                      mention appears evident.       

1A       Completed List Distribution

            1A.1.   Dept of Health

            1A.2.  Event Venue  (a venue requirement)

            Academy comment

            * Confidentiality of information is an extensive challenge

2.        Coverings

            2.1.     Masks as well as Plastic See-thru Shields

            Academy comment:

            * Overkill?

3.        Social Distancing

            3.1.     Required distancing was in place

            Academy comment:

            * Ongoing  constant reminders re distancing was necessary throughout the                 event;

            * Meeting room larger than required with furniture  at required


4.        Hand Sanitation

            4.1.     Ongoing hand sanitation

            Academy comment:

            * Ongoing sanitising reminders with each handling at beverage/food

               stations by both client & venue staffers

5.        Catering

            Boxed and individual

            Academy comment:

            * No in-depth information available at this time.

The MICE Academy observations:

The age group of this particular event ensured a certain amount of compliance by the delegates – as the event was educational with recent previous instructors to officiate the protocols. It is unlikely a similar scenario of obedience would apply with a  more mature (Age Grp: 30 to 50) management delegation from any of the MICE sectors.

The overall impression is that both client and venue are so focussed on the protocols that the main reasons for the event in the first place is overshadowed by ensuring the Covid-19 criteria are not usurped.

It is highly unlikely that the majority of event clients will automatically turn-over lists of clients / management / personnel et al without confidentiality rules in place.

If these rules are being applied across-the-board by venues– the amount of events returning to commercial venues will be constrained.  It is also likely that a virtual webinar presence may be established.  Equally more expense with additional personnel will be required on an ongoing basis.  /ends

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    ‘England Gives Meetings Green Light’ for a simpler method of Covid -19

     protocol implementation

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