✔Live MICE Events in 2021

2021 for the southern African MICE industry will commence slowly awaiting the possibilities of a vaccine. Large events in appealing destinations will alter significantly dependent on how the planning is undertaken.     Here is where the traditional product launch & client appreciation hospitality gatherings will take on a more intimate F2F MICE gathering.

Large events have many challenges – with the virus compliance back-of-mind – hence the planning will not be a question of ‘business as usual’. A differing type of destination is likely with more exclusive and localized experiences. Planners will find these exclusive, contained experiences a refreshing departure from the big city type of undertakings. In tandem with these smaller events will be less risky and time consuming. The manner in which various destinations will embrace the new concept is likely to set the benchmark in 2021 and beyond.

Dependent on the type of event – virtual & hybrid events are not going away. There are certain MICE undertakings derived from the advent of home-based employees that will meld-in exceptionally well with F2F MICE gatherings. See MICE Clients Slow to Return?

‘…..Smaller experiences will offer an unprecedented opportunity to offer more exclusive events that are more intimate, with smaller groups that can foster more meaningful connections. Very large events traditionally suffered from a lack of personalization. It seems the industry has a strong opportunity to redefine in-person connection….’ sourced: EventMB