‘Perfect Event Pitching’ Workshop

The Definitive & Dynamic Workshop providing a ‘Toolkit Portfolio’ with explanations & templates for Professionals

– Thursday  14th May 2020 –

Below are all the details for this unique & dynamic workshop. Click on the plus (+) symbol to expand the accordion for more info. Bear in mind that participation is limited hence early registration is advisable.

  • Provide you with a tried and tested framework for “Perfect Event Pitching”
  • Provide you with reliable templates and processes to assist attendees in gaining more buy-in from potential clients 
  • Highlight potential pitfalls and traps that may be affecting your event pitching

The majority of the event planner presentations The MICE Academy is privy to – lack the ‘wow’ factor in exciting a potential client into signing on the dotted line.

Hence most event planners ‘sell’ themselves ineffectively in relation to ensuring every effort has been made to put their ‘best foot forward’ in securing the event assignment.

This workshop on Event Pitching addresses the essential aspects in successful pitching and can increase your 2020 event planning prospects & assignments. 

Whether responding to an RFP or promoting your event management skills & abilities to a wider audience – this workshop will hold all experienced event planners in good stead for 2020 and beyond.              

A Comprehensive Programme Awaits Participants           

Beyond the Standard Pitching Promotion

  • What impresses a potential client
  • The Pitch with Two Important Criteria
  • Sourcing possible Event Assignments                       

Dramatically Altering the Focus

  • Understanding the Difference Between:
  • ….client (representative) type
  • ….event type
  • Basic Essential Research – step-by-step

Proven Proficiency Levels

  • The Confident Basics
  • The ‘A’ in Authenticity                                    

The Different Types of Potential Clients

  • Understanding the Client Market Place
  • How to Target Specific Types of Clients

 Interpreting the RFP

 Reading between the Lines

  • The Constitution and Unsubstantiated Criteria
  • Assisting the Potential Client with Interpretation

Understanding the Legal Ramifications

  • Insurance
  • Responsibilities
  • Protecting Your Involvement & Copyright                          

Seriously Credible Credentials

  • Options of Authentic Credentials
  • Clear Substantiation Inclusions

Charge / Fee Structures

  • Breakdown of Charge Structures
  • Understanding Time and Motion                       

The Paper Trail

  • Ongoing Documentation Examples will be Provided
  • Documentation Distribution
  • Standard Documentation & The Event Specification Guide

 It’s Not Over When the Event is Over

  • The Winding-up Process
  • Report Back
  • Repeat Business Opportunities


The programme content is targeted towards the following Participants:

  • Experienced professional planners;
  • Travel Trade with an Event Section;
  • Planners focused on: all types & capacities of business conferences  / product launches / team building exercises and the like. (All events with a clear, required outcome)

The  investment is R1700.00 per participant.

Check the next concertina block for all the inclusions & exclusions


  • Personal ring-binder with explanations & templates  (as per programme subjects) This is the participant’s personal file which can be added-to  following the workshop. These updates will also be forthcoming from The MICE Academy – as per subject item –  and emailed to participants on an ongoing basis

  • Light Breakfast on arrival
  • Buffet Luncheon
  • Refreshment Breaks – mid-morning & afternoon
  • CPD Test
  • Certification on 80% plus pass
  • Listing to potential clients for certificated participants
  • Parking  
  • Easy access to the Gautrain station


  • 15% VAT
  • Transport to-&-from the host venue –  HB Connect
  • Accommodation (Signature Hotel in West Street Sandton is recommended)
  • Any other items not shown in the inclusions

Thursday 14th May 2020

9.00am (09h00) to 3.30pm (15h30) – 5 hours of presentations, explanations & templates

Host venue:  HB Connect  – The premier dedicated multi-purpose venue in the heart of Sandton .

The workshop’s facility at HB Connect allows individual seating with space between participants (as per Corona Virus requirements) for notes and laptops as well.

HB Connect is also renowned for excellent cuisine under the watchful eye of the management owner: Executive Chef Nigel Sand & his Team


  • Helen Brewer – Programme Facilitator with 4 decades of experience within all aspects of the MICE industry

  • On receipt of the completed registration form –   acknowledgement details will be forwarded.
  • Confirmation is via payment only. 
  • Registrations close 2 working days prior to the commencement of  the workshop;
  • Cancellation of a Confirmed  Participant before preparations commence ie 10 consecutive days prior to the commencement day (emailed notification)…
  • …a 50% discount is applicable;
  • …3 working days prior to the commencement date may register on a future workshop;
  • …An alternative participant is always welcome. A completed registration form is required stating the participant being replaced;
  • …Confirmed participants will receive full details of workshop programme timing, location map and directions 2 working days prior to the commencement of the workshop;
  • Participation numbers are limited hence early registration and confirmation is necessary.

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