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Following in-depth research – the Professional Planner Standards has commenced with planners – both independent & salaried – subscribing to the PPS.

Great assistance was provided by South African Board of People Practices (SABPP).  The Board having many of years experience in establishing standards for the HR profession in southern Africa were well-placed to assist the PPS Unit with the below table.

Two essential determinants were therefore set:

Also the actual Professional Planner Standards on which the credibility for both salaried & independent planners are based is below:

A downloadable copy is available here

The building blocks in the adapted SABPP table (from the  bottom up) encompass all or some of the many tasks undertaken by planners.

Most planners do not undertake all the planning tasks as shown on the above Standards.  PPS Subscribers may pick and choose which tasks to concentrate on and take the CPD Q&A tests accordingly.   The PPS Unit does advocate that all planners should apprise themselves of all the PPS tasks in order to have a better understanding of the requirements for that particular undertaking.

All professional planners should also have a knowledge of the event’s objectives – irrespective of capacity or type – as well as the target audience for which the event is focused.   Professional planners should commit these two fundamental aspects to written format, copied to the end-user (client).  Any alterations to these two fundamental aspects are best reflected on an updated version of the Objectives & Target Audience respectively.

So…..besides the Duty of Care, Professionalism & Ethics which forms the foundation and two pillars of the building blocks respectively – the shaded top left hand corner that is: Objectives and Target Audience should be undertaken from a CPD aspect as these are fundamental to all planning tasks

Any reference checks or advisories to potential clients and/or employer will state the PPS Subscriber’s fundamental knowledge update and CPD credits as the planning foundation and pillars of the building blocks plus the objectives and target audience.