MICE Industry

buspeople(3)MICE is the collective acronym for people gathering.  Each initial of the acronym is the most prominent within the multitude of differing types of gatherings.  Yet all MICE undertakings have one aspect in common.  MICE encounters are always human beings interacting (1) face-to-face (2) presenter-to-delegation (3) individuals-to-experiences (4) visitors-to-exhibits (5) audience-to-entertainment.  A less instantaneous form of MICE can be tele- or video conferencing yet the direct eye-ball-to-eye-ball contact of immediacy is unlikely to be as effective.  Technology indeed has its place in the vital MICE communication world.  Replacing MICE is however not foreseen – as the many reasons for a MICE gathering are not easily replaced. It is the human condition for up-front contact that continues to dictate  and will continue to do so.

Going forward – it is the conceptual planning which needs to be continuously improved in order to ensure the objectives are reached. Effective administrative planning follows the conceptual planning with solid logistical expertise.