Media Releases 2019

POPI Act Makes MICE Eyes Pop


For those who may have been living in a cave for the past year or so – POPI Act is the acronym for the Protection of Personal Information Act.  The MICE Academy is perusing the contents – if perusing is the correct word for a mere 156 pages!  The average event planner’s powers of concentration usually extend to about 2 printed pages without graphics and that is based on the contents being riveting reading.  156 pages is seriously over-the-top. We have been repeatedly told that ignorance of the law is no excuse especially when some hot-shot attorney sends a dreaded registered letter with demands that make the eyes water.  Clearly the various clauses should not be ignored hence The Definitive Workshop on the ‘P’ in Professional….’ will outline how those in the MICE industry should take cognisance of the contents.  This will be illustrated on a screened series of graphics as well as a one-pager for inclusion within all participant’s Toolkit Portfolio.   Registration is open for the May workshop.  Check the workshop details at  Top tag ‘P’ in Professional’. This is a ‘must’ participate workshop.   Other snippets from the workshop can be located on the right side-bar of the site.