P in Professional Workshop Proves of Great Value

The P in Professional…..workshop has been undertaken several times with participants expressing many benefits from the workshop. The consolidated evaluations are here. Some of the highlights pin-pointed by participants are:

  • Comprehensive information with the original source websites and templates
  • Pre-workshop questionnaire to meet your specific type of event management services
  • Specific documentation in conjunction with easy-to-follow back-up visual presentation
  • Opportunity for extensive participation including queries and comments
  • Branded ring-binder with clear divisions for each subject on the workshop programme
  • Dynamic updated information provided – following the workshop – as applicable for inserting into their personal ring-binder.
  • Authentic certification – following an online Q&A test –  for future inclusion in participant’s professional profile

The next workshop is scheduled for Thursday 27th June. Check the contents on this website top tag P in Professional workshop