Media Releases 2019

Event Planner Ethics: Gifts & Fam. Trips


Interesting webinar led by long-time industry ethics consultant Joan Eisenstodt, principal of Eisenstodt Associates LLC and former chair of the American Society of Association Executives’ Ethics Committee on the vexing ethics issue.

Gifts & Fam. Trips: Eisenstodt says: ‘It’s best to pay your own way at meals to avoid the appearance of undue influence on future decisions; and if there is not an immediate business need to research a property or destination, planners would be better off declining a fam trip and instead learn more about the destination via website research, email, or a phone conversation with a sales rep. Alternatively, an organization (client) could pay for its planner to conduct a site visit, and if the property is used for a meeting then hotel management can credit the group’s master account for an amount equal to the planner’s travel cost’.  In S. Africa there are various shades of ethics, dependent on degree and range of decision-maker acceptance with gifts and fam. trips yet the input provided is worthy to bear in mind. Select a venue based on a website, email or a phone call to the sales rep?  Not likely to happen with a professional planner for all the right reasons.  The definitive workshop  ‘P’ in Professional Organiser & MICE Travel will provide simple  explanations and templates in a branded toolkit profile. Participation limits have been reached for the April dates – Thursday May 16th is open.  Check the workshop details at  Top tag ‘P’ in Professional’. This is a ‘must’ participate workshop.