Questions being repeated more & more:

‘From a lot of planners out there – how do end-user clients select a suitable independent planner’?

‘In the organisation – are those planning our events at the cutting edge of ensuring ‘no stone is left un-turned’  for a successful event outcome?’

Two Event Summits were held – 2015 & 2016.  The Survey among the over 100 industry delegation unanimously supported planner standards to be investigated and established.

Two prominent Masters of Ceremony to each Event Summit respectively – projected the Summit’s forward objectives with the following comment:

‘….The outcomes of the Event Summits are likely to have a profound effect on the planning industry going forward.  Why should a client entrust an event to a planner that does not follow a standard? Today starts the process.   Building something bigger than ourselves. Let’s make this work….’

Justin Cohen

Michael Jackson