Commissions Exposed in Definitive ‘P’ in Professional Workshop


It is oft said that ‘it all comes down to the money’ and this is where true professionalism takes root.   Questions need to be asked such as: (1) What makes one event planner stand-out from others? (2) What is the value of a planner’s time especially in relation to experience? (3) How does an event planner confidently justify their charge structure?  (4) Which is the best method of depicting commissions and/or fee structures?   Guidelines on this emotive subject are underway between The MICE Academy and SAACI.  At this time – through a wide-spread survey of over 1500 corporate, association and government sector event decision-makers await the guidelines for reference on future event planning agreements.  Of workshop participant benefit will be exposure to the commissions guidelines as well as the opportunity to be included on the distribution list in providing input on the various draft sections as completed. The benefits for participants to the P in Professional workshop will prepare and set-up event planners (both salaried & independent) with confidence and panache.

Registration is open for the May workshop.  Check the workshop details at  Top tag ‘P’ in Professional’.   Other snippets from the workshop can be located on the right side-bar of the site.