Venue Knowledge Bubble

Thursday 30th March or 22nd June 2017

(March date – Bookings closed)

Increasing Your Knowledge Bubble with Effective Planning

– Designed  for Venues with a Meetings Component – 

The core competency of an accommodation establishment whether: BnBs / Boutique Hotels / Guest Lodges and the like is the ability to meet the requirements of the tourist, business traveller and guest with the main focus on the accommodation, various meals and other hospitality requirements.

A number of BnBs / Boutique Hotels / Guest Lodges have found that a meetings component can be of bottom-line benefit especially as it is usual during any given day – the facilities and their personnel are under-utilised with the business traveller, tourist etc being out-and-about.

Non-core tasks of accommodation venues can be less than effective in relation to the actual planning, administration and communication of the meeting-room component.

Ensuring effective planning of a meeting room/s component has a range of benefits which hold the venue in good stead.  Benefits such as:  Positive reputation, more satisfied clients and most important of all the greater possibility for increased bookings.

Meeting room planning should be thoroughly understood – in a step-by-step process. By participating in this knowledge bubble your abilities for the venue’s meeting room component will be increased:

  • Marketing & Sales – there is a difference
  • Understanding the meetings industry in conjunction with your venue
  • Internal Structures
  • Reaching Your Potential Client
  • Negotiations, Contracts & Commission Systems
  • Methods of Payment
  • Who Services the Meeting Room client?
  • Meeting Room preparation
  • Meeting Room Set-up
  • Food & Beverage Services
  • Audio-Visual Requirements
  • Registration Set-up
  • Meeting Room Billing & Review

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